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Thumler's Tumbler Model B High Speed

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Quick Overview

#TT140HS This is the High Speed heavy-duty version of the Model B Thumler's Tumbler, using the 1/30 horsepower 3000rpm motor to clean your brass fast when using stainless steel!  This is a heavy duty, professional quality tumbler, which features larger, more powerful continuous, fan cooled motor with overload protection. Steel hexagon barrel with removable rubber lining for long, efficient and quiet operation. 15 lb. capacity. 5 year guarantee on barrel and liner. This is a 110v motor.  We currently don't have the international model for this unit. 


UPC #05144210017 # TT140HS This is the High Speed heavy-duty version of the Model B Thumler's Tumbler, using the 1/30 horsepower 3000rpm motor to clean your brass fast when using stainless steel! This is a heavy duty, professional quality tumbler, which features larger, more powerful continuous, fan cooled motor with overload protection. Steel hexagon barrel with removable rubber lining for long, efficient and quiet operation. 15 lb. capacity. 5 year guarantee on barrel and liner. This is a 110v motor.  We currently don't have the international model for this unit. 

Check out these fluted drum knobs for the lid.  They are a must when purchasing this tumbler. 

Customer Reviews

Can't beat it Review by Splitshift
I bought the Model B Hi Speed a few years ago, I now own two. I have cleaned thousands of brass cases from .25 auto up to .338 Win Mag. When people show me their tumbled brass, I laugh at them. I always ask them when they are going to clean them, especially the ultra sonic cleaner guys. I have cleaned brass for other people and they were amazed at how shiny their brass came out, after they cleaned it. I get kidded a lot about how easy my brass is to find after I fire it because it still holds a shine. If I were to start now I would buy a larger capacity tumbler to start with. With that being said, I have had no complaints with the Model B Hi Speed. It works and works very well and if you need parts (which I haven't) they are readily available. I believe that I was one of the first shooters in my area to purchase a Model B with the stainless steel pins. I know that many tumblers and stainless pins have been sold with my recommendation, I probably should have requested a commission to supplement my retirement. A GREAT PROCUCT. (Posted on 9/8/2018)
Great tumbler and wonderful tumbling process! Review by Whelenshooter
I bought my Model B from STM several years ago before the Rebel tumbler was avalable. I've been a reloader for over 50 years and I've NEVER seen a tumbling process that gets brass as clean as the Stainless pin tumbling media and process! I've even used this process on 50 year old Vietnam era 7.62 NATO brass, and WWII era 30-06 brass that was slightly corroded, and it came out of the tumbler looking like new! My Model B tumbler has never given me any trouble at all, except for a tiny bit of leakage when I first used it. I soon figured out that the water you put in the tumbler should be at least a bit warmer than the temperature of the room in which you are tumbling the brass. If the water is colder than the room in which you are tumbling the brass, the water will expand slightly as it warms up to room temperature and force its way out of the drum no matter how tight you turn the wing nuts! If the water is warmer than the room temperature, it will contract as it cools to room temperature as it tumbles. This causes a slightly lower pressure inside the drum and prevents leaking at the seal. When you are done tumbling your brass, just pull carefully with your fingers after removing the wing nuts and the seal will let loose. Don't pry the lid with a screwdriver or anything that might scratch the rubber seal. Although my Thumbler's Model B tumbler has never given me any problems whatsoever, if I was purchasing a pin tumbling system today, I'd get the Rebel 17 pin tumbling system from STM. This is because the Rebel 17 has twice the theoretical brass capacity of STM's Thumbler's Model B tumbling system. When tumbling lots of brass, this would speed up the process dramatically! In addition, a person using the stainless pin tumbling system should get a Frankford Arsenal Pin Magnet from Midway USA for handling the stainless pins. It makes pin handling MUCH easier!

Whelenshooter (Posted on 10/28/2017)
For heavy duty or frequent use, step up to the Rebel 17 Review by Steve
This model is a decent tumbler for the price and better than a lot of them out there but for heavy duty home use step up to the Rebel 17. The use of true bearings instead of plastic bushings on the rollers alone is worth the price difference for heavy duty or frequent use. Add to that the use of larger diameter rollers and the 17 will hold up better to extended heavy usage for only about 15% more. I would really recommend the manufacturer upgrade this model to either bronze self lubricating bushings, or, better yet, bearings. It would be a big improvement. (Posted on 7/27/2014)
2 Years and Still Rolling Review by Park245
Finally got around to reading the reviews of the Model B which I purchased almost 2 years ago. None of them do this product justice! I've probably run 20,000 cases of various calibers through it with no problems at all. I usually run more than the 2 lbs recommended and usually for a shorter period of time than recommended. No matter! It always comes out sparkling. I just purchased 2 lbs of replacement media since I've lost a couple of ounces down the sink over time but once you settle on a routine, things run smoothly. I have the media separator and I also recommend a fine mesh strainer which I use when I initially dump the water out of the tumbler. The new low profile nuts are a vast improvement over the old wing nuts. I should get a sales commission on the number of tumblers that my club members have purchased after I talked about my tumbler.

(Posted on 5/23/2014)
love it Review by stokey
use lemi shime from WAL Mart. It gets the water marks Off. It is actually made to put in the dishwasher for spotless glasses. works great on brass. Hot water, liquid dish soap and 2 or 3 tea spoons of LEMI SHINE and brass looks better than new!!! (Posted on 2/10/2014)
The one I have was old 30 years ago. Review by Mike L
While at my brothers shop last week I saw the model B under his bench and brought it home with me. I ordered a new belt and top gasket and 5 lbs of media. Two days later it was in my mail box. If someone had showed me the shiny brass and told me it came from this tumbler I would have thought they were pulling a leg. It really does work as advertised. My brother said he had never used it as a wet tumbler but instead used walnut media for at least 30 years ( didn't know what he had). He left heavy loads in it for months before unloading it so the rubber rollers had some battle damage. I'm working on replacements. the only annoyance is my hard water stains but that's why distilled water was invented. (Posted on 11/4/2013)
BUY IT!!! Review by Kenneth
I just received my model b delux kit the other day. It was kind of annoying at first, but now I can't put it away. It took a while for me to get it to run without it eventually rubbing the rollers. The drive wheel isn't exactly straight and the rollers aren't flat. All the wobbling and bouncing around was a little aggrivating, but the results were worth it. The actual tumbler seems to be "breaking in", and I can actually run it for a few hours without checking on it every ten minutes.

I stopped my first batch at a little under an hour and a half. It was 80 pieces of .308 brass that wasn't to pretty after being annealed and sitting in my garage for a long time. They had a scale on them. I was just being curios when I pulled them early. I was also completely satisfied with how they came out in less than half the recommended time.

Needless to say, I went all out. I tumbled all the brass that I have. Stuff that wont be touched again for years. I have had it for 2 1/2 days and put about 5k casings through it. Never ran it for recommended time. Awesome results every time. Well worth the money and wait. (Posted on 9/10/2013)
Unbelievable! Review by John L.
Used this tumbler for the first time last night and couldn't believe the results. I shoot at a personal/private gun range and get/pick up all of my brass that has been on the ground for sometimes weeks, stepped on and ground in dirt / mud with the occasional pea gravel thrown in, this brass is a mess! Followed the tutorial instructions on this site and 3 hours later it looks better than factory brass out of the box. Inside, outside, primer pocket and flashhole clean and shiney. I am now a STM fan for life! (Posted on 8/22/2013)
Super, the best cleaner Review by Roger McKee
This is the only way to clean your brass it not only cleans it inside and out primer pockets but polishes it as well. I had some trouble with the motor but had a spare. I am sure STM will make good with things and I've ordered a second one tonight (Posted on 8/11/2013)
Worth the money and the wait Review by Chris
When I purchased this, there was a wait due to backorder. I almost didnt buy it because i didnt want to drop 180 bux on something I wasnt sure was going to work as well as they say it does. I now have my tumbler and I absolutely love it. It cleans brass so well that when you hold a new case and a cleaned one side by side its hard to tell which is used and which is new. Everything comes out very clean inside and out. Primer pockets and flash hole are clean as a whistle. I have cleaned as many as 250 40S&w cases at one time in this tumbler and ran for 4 hours with nothing more than the stainless media, dish soap, and water and all cases look like new. Same goes for 150 223rem, 100 30-06, and 200 44mag. Media does not get stuck at all anywhere in any of these cases. I use a media separator like the one they sell here and it all separates very well. Bottom line is this is absolutely worth spending the money and worth the wait if you have a backorder like I did. STM had excellent communication whenever I emailed them looking for an update on my order. BUY THIS! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! (Posted on 3/18/2013)
Who Knew? Review by Chanse1
I was using a "traditional" vibratory tumbler and thought the used brass I was cleaning was coming out just fine. Read about the stainless steel media/tumbler and thought it was just a marketing gimmick to sell a different "toy" to reloaders. How wrong I was! I got mine this past week and have been re-tumbling brass that I had already "cleaned", or so I thought. The results were quite amazing. The re-done brass came out so clean it looked new, even the primer pockets. I did not run each batch the full recommended time, just an hour or so and the results were THAT good. The only downside I find so far is emptying the brass from the drum and not losing any of the pins, and I have to accept the drying time for the brass once it is done tumbling, so planning your work out is essential. Once I figure out a system to do this painlessly, all will be more than fine. What a great product! If you re-use your brass, or purchase large lots of used brass, this is the machine for you. Don't think it would be cost effective if you only reload a couple of hundred rounds a few times a year, but otherwise, if you reload every week or so, this machine will pay for itself in no time at all. Heavy duty, well put together, clear instructions, great service, what more could you want????? (Posted on 3/18/2013)
As advertised....... Review by Larry W
Read several reviews/posts on forums, sounded good. Wasn't satisfied with my
vibrating tumbler & the dust inside & out, media in pockets, etc.
Decided to give the STM a try. In a great!! Clean up &
drying the brass, not as big a deal as some have said.
I rinsed thoroughly with warm water in my old brass separator, dried with a
hair dryer. Didn't take long at all.
Clean & shiny inside & out, including primer pocket & flashhole.
Get off the fence & get one. (Posted on 3/18/2013)

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