Voilà maintenant quelques jours que j'ai reçu mon Stainless Tumbler. Avant de l'utiliser, malgré les vidéos très explicites du site, j'étais quand même un peu méfiants et je me demandais si réellement cet appareil était aussi performant ? Et puis j'ai fait un test avec 200 douilles de 357 mag. que j'avais dans un tiroir depuis déjà quelques années et qui étaient particulièrement sales. Après juste avoir retiré les amorces, j'ai appliqué les conseils d'utilisation fourni ; 3,75 l d'eau + 2 cuillères à soupe de liquide vaisselle + 1/4 cuillère à café de 'Lemi-Chine' et j'ai laissé tourné 4 heures. Le résultat est tout simplement incroyable ! Mes étuis sont comme neuf ! Même le puits d'amorce est impecable. Les vidéos de présentation du produit sont réellement le reflet de ce que l'on obtient. Je recommande vivement l'utilisation de ce produit.
Jean-Pierre Gallaire, France
If there was a Nobel prize for brass cleaning you would win it. I can't believe how much time I've wasted with walnut media. Terrific product.
Ed Mobley, Washington, USA
A couple of months ago I ordered your tumbling machine, media & lemishine. To be honest with you I've tried everything so far. Tumbling machine ( Lyman ) with corn media , ultrasonic cleaner etc. ... The cases I cleaned were polished but not cleaned inside because there was still some residue left at the bottom, the wall & at the flash-holes (primer pockets). They sell the stuff as cleaners but they are in fact polishers. When I saw the photos and the result I thought it was just another commercial. Then I saw the video and to be honest my interest in the product became greater. I tried your equipment and I was: " flabbergasted " by the result !!! The cases were not only shining as brand new but also cleaned inside, even the flash-holes!!! This surpassed my expectations. I cleaned .308 Win, .45 ACP, .357 Mag, .223 Rem cases and all with the same result. I tumbled them for about 3 hours & they were like brand new & cleaned inside out !!! I have my ultrasonic cleaner & Lyman tumbler for sale now ....
Dimitri Martine, Belgium, Europe
Hi and Thank you for your time. I want to thank you for such a great product. I have arthritis in my hands and it took me hours of cleaning. I would use Q-tips with rubbing alcohol on the inside of each case to try and get them clean on the inside. My hands would hurt for days after. I read about your stainless still cleaning system on (LongRangeHunting.com) I have used the Sonic systems and every thing else. 4 hours of cleaning is no time at all compared to what I did before.
Richard Gordon, Oregon, USA
I can't begin to say how much I like your media. Short and to the point, "this stuff is amazing". I've tried the walnut and corn cob just would not work as i tumbled 2 days in both before I got the stainless media, 3 hours later and results are amazing. I'm hooked and will be telling everybody about your product. Thanks again for an awesome and time saving product.
Clinton Sisler, Washington, USA
Bought your tumbler, SS media, Bucket, and Lemi-shine. Few weeks ago, in January. Everything works like a charm, brass comes out better than new, very pleased with results
Wayne Sorenson
Amazing is the only word that comes to mind when describing how well it works. I am now cleaning brass that has already been "cleaned", removing the rouge that was left over from the first cleaning. Using it can be deceiving though because it makes even worn out defective brass look brand new. Beware!
Joe McDonald
I don't know if you remember me but I ordered a tumbler and stainless steel media from you, then turned around and order another box of media. I have fooled around with corn cob, chemicals, Ultrasonic Cleaners, etc. Your process with the tumbler and the stainless steel media is by far the best I have seen. When I saw your video and the result, I said to myself ...yea right.. But indeed this has exceeded my expectations. I only lost one pin down the sink 1st go round. Ha. John Jones
John Jones
I picked up the media from you on Monday. It is great stuff. No powder or residue from vibrating tumblers! Plus it is quiet! I live in an apartment and vibrating tumblers are just to loud. But this method is quiet enough to talk on the phone right next to it. Thanks again.
McCall Stephens
"After reading some reviews pertaining to your cleaning system I was curious to give it a try. Being a very passionate precision shooter and reloader I am always searching for the BEST products available to eliminate all the variables possible to achieve"
Tom Sarver, Ohio, USA