40lb Large Rotary Tumbler

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40lb Large Rotary Tumbler

Availability: Ships in 2-3 Days


Quick Overview

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The drum is rubber lined with a hexagon shape for agitating Media and Brass. 

It comes with 1/3 HP 110 volt Motor.

1 year warranty from any defects and money back guarantee  

The base measures roughly 22"W x 20"L x 12"H. 

The rollers are rubber-lined driven on ball-bearings.  


Due to popular demand we now offer a 40 lb. Large Rotary Industrial Tumbler.

The drum is rubber lined with a hexagon shape for agitating Media and Brass.  It comes with 1/3 HP 110 volt motor.  Drum speed is 22 RPM and drum capacity is 3.5 gallons.  Motor is available in 230v, call to order.  1 year warranty from any defects and money back guarantee.  The inside of the drum measures 12" deep and 10" diameter. The base measures roughly 22"W x 20"L x 12"H.  The rollers are rubber-lined driven on ball-bearings.  Made in the U.S.A.

Note: All 40# Tumblers are drop shipped via FedEx, during checkout it will indicate UPS simply for calculating shipping cost.  Media is shipped USPS flat rate.


  • -10-15 lbs. of Stainless Steel Media
  • -Fill drum 60%-70% full of brass  (anywhere from 2100 pistol - 2800 .223)
  • -Fill drum with Cold Water (water temperature can effect discoloration of brass depending on pH & alkalinity)
  • -Add 4-5 Tbs. Dawn Dish Soap
  • -1 tsp. LemiShine 
  • -Tumble 3-4 hours
  • -Separate brass from media underwater using STM Media Separator

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  • .223/5.56 - 1200-1500 pieces
  • 9mm, .40, .45 - 2000-2300 pieces
  • .308 - 800-1000 pieces

Note: If you add more brass that stated above you'll have to tumbler longer than 4 hours and the soap can start to break-down after too long.

Customer Reviews

Quality Product - Review by Oregonreloader
I have had my STM 40lb Tumbler for a little over a year now and after a year of use and 75,000 rounds of brass processed I have to say I am impressed.

I shoot 3 Gun and run through a large volume of brass each month so I was looking for a product that could process the volume yet produce a good quality product. I have to say that I have quit looking at other options because this tumbler does a great job.

I have reloaded tens of thousands of rounds of 223 and 9mm. When I am finished with the brass you cannot hardly tell the difference between my once fired brass and my new brass.

The 40lb tumbler is a heavy duty product from the start. Solid metal construction, I have not had one problem with nearly constant use.

Besides standard rounds I have processed .380 up to .50 cal. It all comes out looking like new.

After 75,000 rounds everything looks and runs great on the tumbler. The brass media separator is starting to show some signs of wear and I need to add back a pound of the stainless steel media as those little steel pins can get loose during the rinsing process. Keep a good magnet around, it will come in handy for picking up the steel pins.

If you are looking for higher volume processing and want new looking brass coming out, this is the tool for the job. It may seem expensive but if you consider what you are getting this is high value for the cost. I would not hesitate to recommend this tool to anybody. (Posted on 5/23/2015)
Fantastic customer service & product Review by Verminator
You will be hard pressed to find better product or customer service. (Posted on 1/3/2015)
Awesome Review by SuburbanSoldier
I just got my machine in this week and I can't believe the difference. As a commercial reloader I have to get brass where I can when I can. To fill some recent orders I had to resort to material from a scrap yard and it was beyond dirty. There is no way the traditional cleaning methods would have made a difference. I decided to pull the trigger and spend the money for this system in order to try cleaning it up as a last ditch effort. My first batch was so dirty you couldn't read the headstamps but after only 4 hours it looked better than new!! I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it. As long as the machine holds up to running 24 hours everyday I'm a customer for life. (Posted on 3/24/2012)
Awesome product Review by GoBayCitiesLockGo
I decided to bite the bullet and get a tumbler that would help me clean the 3000 pounds of brass that I have to clean. A buddy bought the small red unit is very happy but just does not do enough at a time.

I called and spoke to them on the phone once or twice before I decided to pull the trigger to purchase. Very pleasant & helpful on the phone. I was NOT a disturbance or bother to them on either call. The shipping came in lower than what was posted as I live in the state where they are manufactured and it was dropped shipped. The media, separator and Lemi-shine arrived the same day the tumbler arrived.

I decided to open everything today while the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl and run some batches.
All I can say is WOW! This stuff sparkles, just like the pictures and the sample my buddy showed me.

I started with the recipe suggested, it actually ran it for 4.5 hours as I went shooting today and got back late after looking at The Sig Sauer 516 in the AR platform. I digress... The brass was very clean, the water was black and it took a lot of water to rinse the soap out of the brass. I was running .45ACP today. It was interesting to look at the couple of 40S&W stuck in the .45ACP cases. When you pull them apart the difference is distinctive.
I ran a second batch and cut the time back to 2+ hours and the Dawn detergent to 3 tablespoons. The brass was sparkly, the water dirty and still a lot of rinsing to get the detergent out.

I am running the 3rd batch right now with 2 tablespoons of detergent to see how it does.

I am loading the 15 pounds of media, filling the brass to about 3" from the top, 2 gallons of water just covers the brass and I add the 1 Teaspoon of Lemi-Shine and playing with the amount of detergent.

FYI: I have the .45ACP in 5 gallon buckets and I would guess that I can clean about 1/3 + of the 5 gallon bucket at a time.

If the story was Goldilocks and the 3 tumblers this would definitely be the Papa tumbler and the red model would be the baby tumbler. I would not want a larger tumbler as it a handful to deal with. Not too crazy, but a handful.

If I had a complaint it would be these 3 things:
1. The drum is hexagon and it has a nice lifting handle on one of the flats. One of the 3 wing-nuts that hold the lid on is directly opposite the handle. When the drum is full it is a handful as previously mentioned. When you lift the drum and set it into the body the wing-nut is in the way of the plastic finger attached to the body that help keep the drum centered whilst it is turning. I am not sure if this is by design or default.
2. I wish the STM Media Separator had offset handles.
3. I wish the body of the outer media catcher container was a bit narrower as the basket tips sideways when you are pouring a lot of brass into it to separate the media from the brass. I was dubious about the 2 halves of the basket holding together but works like a champ.

In closing it seems like a fairly expensive purchase but it does the job like nobody's business. I have not tried all the other ways to clean brass but I m not at all inclined to try them. I like this saying: I think it is from Snap-On and it adorns our work invoices "The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" & I think it is a universal truth that still holds: You get what you pay for!

Doug Schneider
(Posted on 2/5/2012)

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