Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 Kit

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  • Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 Kit

Stainless Steel Deluxe Reloading Kit

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Quick Overview

Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • -5lbs Stainless Steel Media (size is .047"x.255")
  • -ALL NEW!! Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 (click here for details)
  • -STM Rotary Media Separator
  • -LemiShine Detergent

Note: The 230v is for International use and comes with a UK style plug.  You will need to supply the motor with a plug for your country.


Deluxe Reloading Kit

This is a MUST for cleaning pistol brass or small caliber brass.  It comes with a STM Media Separator to help in separating the media from the brass.  Use a universal decapping die and this will clean the primer pockets and make them look like new. 

  • -Cleans 2-4 lbs. of brass.  Click Here for Quantities
  • -High Speed Tumbler cleans cases in about 3-4 hours max
  • -Comes with Media Separator for easy clean-up
  • -Media won't rust or wear out
  • UPC 852667634889


The media size is .047"x.255".  This will work for all caliber sizes and it will clean the primer pockets the best.


Customer Reviews

quality & customer service Review by John
Used a vibratory tumbler for years and cleaned the primer pocket with a hand tool before and after vibrating - THAT PRIMER POCKET TOOL IN NO LONGER NEEDED!!! The brass come out looking brand new! Had one quality issue with a basket and the replacement was shipped by priority mail within 24 hours of my call - love the product & the support.
John (Posted on 4/8/2018)
Why did I wait so long?!?! Review by Vet_Squared
Found out about STM about two years ago but kept convincing myself that the $300 was better spent somewhere else- now I just cringe at all the wasted time spent on other methods that don't work nearly as well.
Thanks STM for making such a great product.
--R (Posted on 9/24/2016)
Brilliant Review by Scottie
Thanks to Stainless Tumbling Media for bringing these to Australia at an affordable price! This is the by far the best setup I have owned,

Cheers (Posted on 9/8/2016)
The new standard for clean brass Review by Marc [from Australia]
I’ve heard about the wonders of STM’s tumbling system and media and their reputation did not disappoint. The system is on a whole new tier compared to traditional media and sonic cleaners; my brass cleaning process has never been more effective than it is now with this STM kit.

It is exceptional value for the price. If you are serious about reloading and having properly clean brass, you will buy this kit.

To top it all off, STM’s customer service and after-sales support has been nothing short of outstanding.
Now I need to sell my old walnut-media tumbler! (Posted on 5/26/2016)
Couldn't believe how good a wet system was... Review by Gil
I bought a deluxe STM system on 1/8/2014. I've run 6000 45 ACPs, 5000 .223s, and a whole bunch of really grubby, assorted other calibers, and they all came out looking like factory new. Most times, an hour to an hour and a half is all it takes. Best $$$ I've spent on brass prep tools ever. I couldn't believe how good a wet system was, but now I do!! Friends who see it work are amazed, as well. It's heavy duty and built to last. Oh, yeah, all this brass cleaned, and I'm still on the original belt. (I bought spares, just in case.). Get one! you won't be sorry. (Posted on 2/8/2016)
The hype is true Review by GMZ
Great service from STM. Ordered Jan 20 @ 1503, shipped Jan 20 @ 1632, received 22 Jan @ 1220, processed first batch of Lapua brass @ 1240, better than new @ 1600! Its nice to be able to have a one stop shop with everything you need.

Purchased the deluxe kit after waffling for YEARS. Follow the directions, set your timer for 3-4 hours and thats it. (Posted on 1/22/2016)
Best Case Prep Product I've bought Review by Tim from Indiana
I learned about this system on the (Cast Boolits) website. I decided to order the Deluxe Package along with the Brass Dryer (food dehydrator). You shipped it very fast, thanks, and I set it up and started cleaning brass. In over thirty five years of reloading, I've bought some junk along the way but your system works 100% as advertised.

I've cleaned over 2000 .45ACP cases, including some TW56 steel cases, and they all came out clean. The steel cases did not rust as the pins did not hurt the original finish applied. I cleaned DEN 42/43 .30-06 cases that originally had corrosive primers and it cleaned out the residue.

At this point, I'm showing/telling all of my reloading friends about your product and service. I have several friends that are going to order from you, based on what I have shown them. Thank you for a great product and service. (Posted on 3/22/2015)
the only way to clean brass!! Review by jkw
I received the kit fairly quick, put it all together in about 10 min and went outside to find the dirtiest, tarnished brass I could find to test this thing to the max. Well 3 hrs later I had the cleanest brass I've ever seen!!
All my buddies bought one immediately after seeing it in action. (Posted on 2/4/2015)
Excellent Customer Service Review by KFLim
After receiving my STM kit, the liner was damaged during shipping. I emailed STM and the next day I got a response and a new liner shipped to me! (Posted on 1/13/2015)
greatest product for re-loading out there Review by pyrocoyote
Got this for Christmas over a year ago and have never been more happy with my brass. Cleans better than anything out there, don't load without one. Thanks for a truly great product. (Posted on 1/4/2015)
Best Christmas present in years!!! Review by Dean
Been looking for a couple of years and just got it for Christmas. Everything is true, there are not many products you can say that about. Simple and clean as a whistle, inside and out. Nice product guys. Happy New Year (Posted on 12/30/2014)
Love the Excellent Results! Review by Charlie
I thought I was getting my brass clean using the typical dry, granulated media and rotary tumbler method. After hearing some shooting friends talk about wet tumbling and how good it worked, I decided to give it a try. Wow, what a difference! I can't believe how clean the brass is both inside and out. This kit works great and I also got the food dehydrator to dry the cases after cleaning.

The tumbler is built like the proverbial brick outhouse and I think it will outlast me. I couldn't be happier with this kit and highly recommend it! (Posted on 11/17/2014)
Simply fantastic. Review by Dave B.
This is by far the best way to clean brass I have ever used. Believe the hype it's all true.

The brass comes out looking better then new in less then half the time of dry media.

Extremely well made, I have no doubt that this will last a long time. I'll give an exception to the drive belt. I would say always have an extra on hand.

I bought the deluxe kit. It came extremely well packed. Shipped fast and STM informed me the moment it shipped. Good customer service kudos to them. (Posted on 5/13/2014)
I have not had a firearm related product impress me like this in over a decade! Outstanding STM. Review by JB
I have been making my own ammunition for close to 40 years now. I have tried near every known trick and process out there to clean and polish brass. After watching and reviewing for a very long time I purchased the STM kit. It arrived in short order and after moving several Thumler's Tumblers and a RCBS Mega Tumbler out of the way I set up the STM kit. Following the simple instructions within minutes of receiving it produced 4 pounds of brass that looked un-fired inside in out in three hours. I have not had a firearm related product impress me like this in over a decade! Outstanding STM.

One of the Tumblers has now been re-purposed. For the spotless cleaned brass that may be stored for a lengthy time loaded or un-loaded it now goes for a 1 hour ride in a mixture of corncob media with carnauba wax added. Quarter cup of powdered 100% carnauba wax in three pounds of corncob. This prevents the brass from tarnishing. The wax causes no issues with loading or firing.
(Posted on 5/9/2014)
Unbelievable! Review by Garyu
Purchased this wet tumbling package on the recommendation of a friend and couldn't be happier. I used dry media tumblers for years and just thought my brass was being cleaned and polished. I would highly recommend this tumbler to anyone whether you're happy with the dry media process or not. You will not believe how this cleans and polishes brass to new or better than new condition. No more clogged flash holes and primer pockets just clean ready to load brass! (Posted on 4/15/2014)
Best Case Cleaning System Period Review by Matt
I have been reloading for 33 years and this system works hands down better than any I have ever used and I think I have used every product manufactured to date. I received this product on March 19th 2014 and it has been in continuous use since. I have learned a couple of things that make the cleaning more efficient for large volume case cleaning. I have tens of thousands of pieces of brass that have been donated to me over the years. I think I have brass from every war from WWI to present.

1. Presort brass by caliber then each caliber by level of dirtiness. I use three buckets. In one bucket sort the fresh truly once fired brass that you can see brass on the inside of the case. Second bucket gets shiny on outside and moderate carbon on inside and the last bucket is for the stuff that you would normally throw in the recycle.
2. I premix the cleaning solution in a clear one gallon water bottles I buy for use in my coffee maker. I usually let the mix sit 24 to 36 hours until the cleaning solution takes on a opaque pearlescent color. I find this shortens the cleaning time in half compared to mixing in the barrel just before tumbling.
3. For the barely dirty brass the instructions for loading the barrel work at 5 pounds pins and 4 pounds brass. Tumble time as stated in instructions. For the medium dirty brass keep everything the same but reduce brass to 3 pounds and change out the water after 2 hours then tumble 2 more hours. For the really nasty stuff with head stamps from the 30's and 40's I use 3 pounds brass and tumble for 3 hours change out the water then tumble through the night and rinse it before work. Then I throw in another batch and tumble that while at work, come home and change the water then tumble for one hour and rinse.
4. If its Friday night and the drive belt breaks, go to the hardware store and get a water filter o ring. The package I picked up was made by whirlpool 3.44"x.14". It looks wimpy but it will work till you get the proper one as shipping is fast from this company.

The brass (even the nasty stuff) comes out with a mirror like finish inside and out and is so clean that there is as close to zero surface tension on the brass as you can get. Water wont even stick to it. Make the final rinse super hot water out of the tap, drain and wrap in a towel and shake back and forth for 30 seconds. Bottle neck rifle cartridges I set on paper plates on the dining room table overnight and the insides are dry. It saves time by cleaning the primer pockets and flash holes and my belief is that ammunition loaded with brass this clean wont have any degradation over time due to the possibility of contamination. This means if you load it when your 20 it should be good to shoot when your 70.

This product is a must have and worth the money spent!

(Posted on 4/4/2014)
Nothing Better Review by Shelly from Canada
This thing is awesome! I have done everything from cleaning brass with a scotch cloth, vibratory tumbler, and ultrasonic cleaner to get brass clean. Nothing comes even close to what this tumbler can do! I can't even find brand new brass that is as nice looking as what this tumbler puts out. Don't even consider getting anything else! (Posted on 3/22/2014)
WOW!!!! Review by Anthony in WA
Just finished my first batch of .223 brass in the new tumbler. All I can say is WOW!! This brass after 2.5 hrs in the tumbler looks newer than new!!!
I did notice while separating the media from the brass that there was a little bit of brass residue left in the bottom edge of the separator. I guess that this is normal for the first time. (Posted on 3/15/2014)
Amazing! Review by tank92
I can not believe how clean and shinny my .223 brass was after 3 hours. as good if not better than factory new. worth every penny (Posted on 2/20/2014)
THE Best Review by LF
Amazing. You will not find anything better. You will not be disappointed with this product. This product will also reduce your exposure to lead verses a dry vibratory cleaning system. I expect that wear on your sizing dies will be reduced. Wish I would have purchased a long time ago. (Posted on 2/9/2014)
Beats walnut media anyday! Review by andre3k
Received this kit as a Chrstmas gift and have been using a regular vibratory tumbler for over 15 years. Although, this process takes a bit longer due to rinsing and drying the brass you are able to do more cleaning sessions in a day because brass looks like new in about 2 hrs. My vibratory tumbler would run for 8hrs and not even come close to the cleanliness of this brass. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
Great Product Review by OLDWRENCH
Bought the Deluxe Reloading kit and I couldn't be happier. It performs exactly as advertised, the delivery was quick and I am very happy with the shiny, new looking brass.
My only regret is that I didn't have the extra Christmas cash for the big one! (Posted on 12/26/2013)
Increasing capacity in Thumler tumbler Review by Big Cheese
Measure 3-1\2 quarts of water instead of one gallon per the instructions. Removing a pint of water reduces weight by 1 lb. This allows you to process 3 lbs of brass per load, a 50% increase. Results are great!
I marked an old milk jug with a felt pen at the proper level, so getting the right amount of water is easy. A low capacity device such as a food scale or lab balance should be used to accurately measure the load of brass. (Posted on 10/23/2013)
Awesome! Review by JB Loader
This product is awesome! I can't believe I waited so long to get one. This tumbling system saves a ton of time. I can get results in 4 hours what would take all day in my dry media tumbler. Look no further, this is the tumbler to have and customer service is fantastic. (Posted on 3/24/2013)
Great product Review by Tonto
Don't know why I waited so long to use your system.
I would like to see you add a very fine screen bowl or colander to aid in the seperation process. (Posted on 2/22/2013)
Great Product Review by Buckeye Ballistics
The product and service are EXCELLENT. STM is the real deal. Save your money, its worth the wait. Don't buy imitation steel media, there is a difference. The shells look great and it was quicker than I thought it would be
Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

United we stand gun owners, thanks a million STM! (Posted on 2/17/2013)
Everything you wrote was true! Review by George McCusker
I just received my Model B kit and tested it with the scroungiest .44 Mag brass that I could find. We're talking black, corrosion, nasty stuff. In my dry tumbler, this would take an overnight stay with somewhat spotty results. Not to mention dirty interiors and some fairly toxic dust. The STM kit turned a new test batch into like new brass in 3 and 1/2 hours. A rinse and short drying tray in a 180 degree oven and it's done. I've been doing this for 50 years and this is the best thing since sliced bread.

A special thank you to STM for timely shipping updates. (Posted on 1/9/2013)
Cleanest brass I've done. Review by B.W. Gilbert
I purchased the smaller kit and can't be happier with the results. I tumbled some some brass right off, but threw some real bad range bucket brass (it looked black) into the mix. When I pulled it all out I could not find the "bad" brass in the mix; it all looked new.

I have a large dry tumbler, but after reading so many reviews I thought I'd give this a try. I figured with the smaller capacity I'd use it for my long range brass, but with my large unit crashing on me I started with my pistol brass.

After several batches cleaning .40 S&W brass I'm down to 1.5 hours, a very small amount of Dawn, and a dash of Lemishine; it comes out like new. So while the capacity is smaller the turn around is faster and the results were far better. I could almost clean in a day the same amount of brass as my large dry medium tumbler.

I do large batches of reloads and was going to have my old tumbler fixed, but will just keep going with my Lil' Red tumbler and save up the money to get the larger unit in time.

I will be getting and think the following items would be a great add to the site and or kits. While I consider these luxuries and not needed, it would just be a nice add.

1. Fine screen for catching SS pins while separating water.
2. Electric magnet for cleaning up any mishaps.

I will tell my shooting buddies and more to the point show them the results. (Posted on 5/9/2012)
Best way to clean brass ever !!!!! Review by Jim
I purchased the stainless steel media kit and could not be happier. The brass looks like new after cleaning. I have used every other brass cleaning system out there and nothing comes even close. If your looking for clean shiny sparkling brass get this kit now.
(Posted on 3/28/2012)
It's true, it's true!! Review by The Rodentman
I had no doubt that this system would work well and yield perfectly clean brass, and it does.

It helps to have a dedicated double sink in the reloading room since there is a lot of dirty water generated.

I added a heavy duty strainer to the process, one that retains the SS pins and allows thorough rinsing of them. You really can't dry them, and there's no need to do so; they can be stored in the drum wet, but it help the process to have them well cleaned.

I tumbled my first batch with only 1 tbs of detergent for 1.5 hours and they were perfectly clean, primer pockets as well.

Be careful not to lose the pins. They are really small. I have a spare bag since I know eventually I will loose some.

Wet tumbling requires more effort and attention to detail, but the results are well worth it. (Posted on 3/16/2012)
All In Once package ..On Stainless Steel Model BB Review by JEAN- LOUIS
Review by Jean- Louis Australia QLD Brisie
Since I'm using this STM tumbler MODEL B ,Over a month now here my honnest feedback.
1/ It save me a lot of time .
2/ Dont need to ultrasonic my all cases any more .(just tumbler them that all )shine like gold ..
3/ Dont need to polish them either .And it come all together in one package at this stage you COULD NOT BEAT this awsome product at ALL. If you want some thing who work all the time, And every single time this tumbler is for you. At a very fair cost .. And you save on all the ultrasonic cost machine time and other stuffs .Get one and you will never regret it ..JUST MAKE YOU LIFE EASIER And that's all what we need ..
5 stars *****product
Posted on the 7/2/2012 (Posted on 2/9/2012)
One Stop Shopping Review by pracbx
I've been using stainless media for quite awhile and the results are to be belived. Did buy some more media from STM a year ago. Wished they'd been in business back when stainless was all the talk in the forums and you had to get everything piecemeal. I've since turned on a few friends to the one stop shopping here at STM. Sure you can still try and do it the hard way but why? It's all right here on this site, save yourself some time, and shipping costs!! Your brass will love you and you'll have more consistent rounds to shoot, isn't that the point of reloading? (Posted on 1/25/2012)
I'm a BELIEVER!!! Review by YukonOK
First off let me state that I hardly ever leave feedback for products that I use..

That being said, I'm literally blown away at the final results of the STM system. I've been reloading for about a year now, and have tried the rotary tumbler (with every type of media under the sun) and even a ultra sonic unit (which worked well, but needed a lot of attention). I now have the clean brass I have been after. Thank you very much STM!!! Buy it, you will NOT regret it!!! (Posted on 9/4/2011)
Best stuff since pre-sliced bread Review by Bliksem in Texas
I was initially skeptical but once I opened up the barrel the first time and saw the gold I became a believer. This product combination blows the competition out of the water. Simply the best way to clean brass. (Posted on 7/20/2011)
Best system ever!! Review by Larry Buggeln
This is to let you know how great your product is. I shoot a 300 RUM & it has cleaned every bit of brass I own. I compared it to new brass, there is no comparison. I have never had such great looking brass. I know it will shoot as well. Thanks for such a great product (Posted on 3/31/2011)

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