The Most Durable, Long Lasting Tumbler Available!
About Stainless Steel Media
Tired of cleaning your brass the same old way with the same old results using other reloading supplies like walnuts, corncobs, porcelain, even ultrasonic cleaners? The results were all the same with those reloading supplies... until now. With stainless steel media you can finally achieve flawless brass every time. Not only is it effective, but the desired outcome will surpass any expectation you could have.
Stainless steel media, along with our equipment offers you the quickest, re-usable reloading supplies and method for reloading your brass. Overall, stainless steel media is the best reloading product available for tumbling brass.
How it Works

- Steel pins fit through all flash holes.

- Stainless steel lasts forever.

- Cleans brass inside and out.

- Cleans primer pockets.

- Satisfaction Guaranteed.

- Won't damage brass.


"I have been hand loading for 45 years. It has always bothered me that I could not get the insides of my cases clean like newly manufactured brass. It always seemed logical to me that the burnt powder residue inside the cases would build up in varying amounts from case to case and that in turn would have an effect on consistent pressures, being that the case volumes would be different. That may or may not have any effect on accuracy, but it always bothered me. Not any more. As others have said, I cannot tell cartridge cases cleaned with this system, from brand new manufactured brass cases. I have tried just about everything over the past 45 years and believe me there is nothing out there that can compare to this system for getting your brass clean. It just can’t get any cleaner that this system will clean it. I was amazed when I ran my first batch of brass cases through this tumbler with the stainless media. In my opinion it is well worth the money spent. I would recommend this to anyone who reloads ammo."

-Jim Scott, Baker City, Oregon


"Hi and thank you for your time.  I want to thank you for such a great product.  I have arthritis in my hands and it took me hours of cleaning.  I would use Q-tips with rubbing alcohol on the inside of each case to try and get them clean on the inside.  My hands would hurt for days after.  I read about you stainless steel cleaning system on (  I have used the Sonic systems and everything else out there.  4 hours of cleaning is no time at all compared to what I did before.

-Richard Gordon, Oregon, USA 

"Just wanted to let you know I have used the tumbler and media I received from you several times now and it is absolutely the best brass cleaning system I have ever used. I tumbled some very dirty brass and it came out sparkling clean. I was truly amazed. Thanks for a great product."
- Greg Klix, Alabama

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